Corporate Development Solutions

for Programmatic M&A

Value Creation

Corporate Development Solutions

for Programmatic M&A

Value Creation

About Us

Embark on a journey with us into the future of M&A and corporate development, revolutionized by artificial intelligence. Our mission is to supercharge the strategic acumen and executional excellence of intricate corporate development programs to catalyze corporate value creation.

Our collaborations primarily unfold in two ways: one centered on producing tangible business outcomes, the other dedicated to providing top-tier technical architecture and engineering services.

Outcome-Focused Services: We initiate a holistic process aimed at amplifying your M&A value creation. This begins with an AI-led market analysis, followed by an evaluation of your existing situation and strategic objectives. This understanding enables us to chart a roadmap and provide AI-infused services at every stage of your journey, ranging from M&A blueprint design to the development and operation of execution automation systems.

Technology-Focused Services: We deliver solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Choose from our adaptive services where we modify existing software frameworks for rapid deployment and cost efficiency, or opt for entirely unique systems developed from scratch to match your exact specifications.

Key Services

  • Process Outsourcing: Tap into our expertise in AI to accomplish intricate tasks and generate insightful results. We offer services ranging from AI-driven market analysis to identification of acquisition targets and due diligence performance.

  • AI/Technology Strategy: Engage with us to construct a tailor-made M&A AI strategy. We will collaborate with you to devise a comprehensive roadmap for its development and implementation.

  • On-Demand CTO Services: Leverage our high-calibre technology architecting and development leadership services. We're here to provide the top-tier technological expertise you need, exactly when you need it.

  • Proof-of-Concept Creation: Work with us to develop proof-of-concept prototypes for unique AI applications relevant to your business. This enables you to evaluate and validate the transformative power of AI in your specific context.

  • Tailored Solution Development: Collaborate with us to optimize your operations through custom applications. We build these solutions on our robust pre-existing software frameworks, meticulously adapting them to meet your specific needs and requirements.

  • Bespoke Solution Development: Partner with us to create unique AI/LLM solutions from the ground up, perfectly attuned to your distinct needs. Benefit from the support of our experts, who will accompany you at each phase of the innovative creation process.


Kalle Kilpi - CEO, Lead M&A Technologist
Kalle has a long history in developing pioneering M&A technology. Prior to founding DealMap.Ai, Kalle was the technical co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Midaxo, a leading M&A software company. He has founded two venture-backed companies, and worked with numerous public and private equity backed companies on their corporate development automation.

Operating Model

We operate primarily as a virtual organization that stands as a testament to the power of global collaboration and digital transformation. We are a dynamic network of distinguished contractor partners, armed with formidable proficiency in both technology and M&A. Our unique organizational model allows us access to the best, world-class talent as and when required, giving us unrivaled scalability based on the task at hand.

Our operations are deeply rooted in leveraging Artificial Intelligence, specifically generative AI models. This technology is more than a tool—it's our partner in crafting advanced software solutions. Utilizing generative AI, we can streamline software development, seamlessly transforming ideas into market-ready products. In our hands, generative AI not only empowers our clients' M&A and corporate development programs, but it also fuels the advancement of our own AI strategies and systems. It's the bedrock of our clients' success and the driving force behind our innovative solutions.